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2009 C6 OEM Tyres - Stick or Go Standard

I knew when I bought my C6 recently that I would need a new set of boots pretty soon. So who can help me out, what are the original make and spec of C6 run-flats and what are the thoughts and experiences of moving to another, standard, tyre option?


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2009 Chevrolet Corvette Tire Sizes
C6 Convertible Performance Handling Package
(front) 245/40R18

(rear) 285/35R19

C6 Convertible Standard Model
(front) 245/40R18

(rear) 285/35R19

C6 Coupe Performance Handling Package
(front) 245/40R18

(rear) 285/35R19

C6 Coupe Standard Model
(front) 245/40R18

(rear) 285/35R19

(front) 275/35R18

(rear) 325/30R19

(front) 285/30R19

(rear) 335/25R20

Unless you want to change the look or profile of the car, stick with the stock sizes above. You don't have that much wiggle room in wheel and tire sizes on the later generations unless alterations are to be made.

Good luck with project.


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My '10 GS had Goodyears, really don't know all the manufacturers that were used. I want to say Goodyear's were on most C6's, except maybe the ZR-1's.
You can't go wrong with Michelin's, Pirelli's, and other brands of that caliber
I think 'base' 2009 C6s were fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 run-flats; the Black Book isn't very specific on this, altho' it does record that 2009 ZR1s left
Bowling green with Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres.
Mike B: I found when I wanted G'year F1 run-flats a few years ago, they were temporarily unavailable; apparently they were (still are?) made in
batches and there was an unspecified delivery period. I wasn't prepared to wait so bought some Michelin Pilot Sport 'ZP' ('Zero Pressure', i.e. run-
flats) for the front on my '07. (I had previously managed to get G'years for the rear, so am currently running Mich. on the front and G'year on the rear;
doesn't seem to have any negative effects - well, not at road speeds, anyway).
As Norm says, you can't really go wrong if you stick with well-regarded makes of rubber such as Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental.....
I wouldn't scrimp on tyre quality on your '09.
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