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'68 big block 4 speed


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Hi all,

Found my way onto the new website, finally!

So.. I've got a slightly awkward storage issue for the moment, in that I'm in the midst of doing some work on my house, part of which will involve demolishing my garage to make way for a new one..

The result of this is that I'll be deprived of storage for my car for at least 3-4 months... with due wifely pressure, I'm inclined to see if any of you fine people would be interested to take it off my hands? (I'd start a new project once I get my man cave back!)

Some of you might remember that this car was subject to a 'project' thread on the old website.. if not, the abbreviation is:

I bought the car whilst on holiday in San Diego in 2016, and shipped it back as a project. Being a California car - its rock solid with no signs of ever having had any rust.

18 months on from that, the car was extensively restored, with a list of new parts that runs into 2 pages. It drives very nicely and looks fab in a new coat of its oem colour of Silverstone silver.

It's a factory 427 390bhp 4 speed car with a 3.08 diff. That said, at some point the engine has been replaced and it's now a 1970 block, with ls6 rect port heads and intake. The engine has hei and a new holley 750 ultra dp carb. Its fairly high compression but runs ok on 97 and pulls like train.

So.. if anyone out there is in the market for such a car, please do let me know!



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Last year, i had it on show and was offered £30k. I wasnt looking to sell at the time so turned him down. That is a firm baseline...

I'd accept that price now, but it's not 'or near offer' - its that price or I'm happy to find some storage and keep it... :)


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Crikey - sorry to hear you're been forced to sell it. Can't you just keep it somewhere else for a while? I unfortunately had to put mine into a council garage for a while. It does fit, but there are millimetres to spare going through the doorway.

If it wasn't for the fact I love my little 1968 (despite a mere 327cu/300hp), I would have yours as it looks very nice.


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I could.. albeit the car is also slightly haunted by the fact that it may have inadvertently run over my wife's cat... and is known as 'that bloody car'

Not sure how often Corvette's are referred to in such a way by wives...
I could.. albeit the car is also slightly haunted by the fact that it may have inadvertently run over my wife's cat... and is known as 'that bloody car'
Ahhh... I see, bad vibes. Was the cat ok? If the missus don't like it, then liek you said may be the time to get rid. I'm extremely lucky as my missus loves the C3 - a short while back I was casually talking to family with her next to me and made a comment along the lines of "well, if we need more money for a deposit for our next house then I could sell the Corvette"...... at which point the missus almost went livid at the thought of selling the Corvette and told me in no uncertain terms am I to sell it. o_O:LOL::love: