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Drag Racing at Santa Pod - invite from MOCUK

A. Do you want to compete or attend the Mustang Owners Club Drag Race Day on 5th July?

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CCCUK Chairman
Amazing isn't it - we have a opportunity to race our vehicles at the Nats this year and we then have a invitation from the Mustang Owners Club to join them on a private race day at Santa Pod on Friday 5th July. A fantastic opportunity perhaps to thrash a few Mustangs on the quarter mile. Those of you who are interested please cast your votes - I will update this thread when I get further news,
pain in the bum though - it's another event on the Friday between two of my 6x 12h night shifts per month. Which means taking a load of time off (1.5 days per shift) to attend a 1 day event. Got the same issue with the upcoming drift day on 12th April.


CCCUK Chairman
Waiting for MOC to confirm no's available - they have announced the event in their own magazine and are waiting for their own members to confirm interest - they will let us know numbers of tickets and prices later on.