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Let's See Your Own Corvette Personal Favorite Photos

Didn't like the yellow wheels, huh?

Looks good.
Thanks Norm.

I do like the yellow wheels, but mine is the very rare official Euro model (not sure how many were made but heard something like 36?), and as such it came standard with the magnesium wheels which are safely stored. I have toyed with getting the centre of the Antera wheels painted but plenty of other jobs to do before that. It does have a few marks and imperfections I intend to sort out...........one day.


CCCUK Member
Just keep on posting them up, eventually more here may come on board. I'm sure just about every member here has their own album of shots they took over the years, regardless of how old. I think some are too shy, or don't have the time, or just don't give a crap..........:LOL: