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Mechanics in the South West


New user
Good evening. Please can I ask people to advise of any C4 (specifically ZR1) familiar mechanics in the South West area? I'm near Malmesbury in in Wiltshire. Previously i was living in South West London and took the car to Keith Beschi who i would happily always deal with. However the increased distance makes that a little difficult now so am interested to know if anyone can suggest or recommend other mechanics.




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In response to myself, i have spoken with a chap called Noel at Bristol Classic Car Restoration who seemed very obliging. Has anyone had any dealings with him/them that they can comment on? Also looking at Neil Garner TVR near me however their hourly rates are rather high. However they do have excellent engineering facilities and experience in fairly high end race level mechanics which appeals.


CCCUK Member
I'd be interested to hear how you get on at BCCR. I'm only just over the bridge in south Wales.

Not sure what sort of servicing they do, but there's a Caterham/Mogan/Lotus dealer just above Bristol who seem really nice. I visited while looking at Caterhams last year. Very friendly and took a genuine interest, which was surprising as I was a young relatively scruffy lad in a slight rusty Ford Puma!


On a side note, if you ever make it over to Wales (nice roads, less traffic!) I'd be game for a meet. There's a monthly breakfast meet for all sorts of cars at a little garden centre just above Newport on the A48, Sunnyside Breakfast meet, 8-10am, normally the last Sunday, charity bucket goes round. Really good café. Slow, but worth the wait! Normally a few C4s there, plus a good spread of American cars (maybe 25%+ of turnout).