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Oliver Gavin's old "company car" still for sale

I did enquire Carl, just in case they were flexible on the price, although white/no transparent roof is not my favourite. They have had it for "Yonks." Last one of 3 they had from Chevrolet UK I suspect, or through the trade? Young lady on phone was very helpful, but told me that a) used cars in NI are more expensive than UK mainland, but couldn't tell me why b) No MoT (yet) as cars in NI are first MoT'd after 4 years. You learn something ever day. £49k for a 4 year old car that was probably £63k(ish) new?
Yes Carl, there are at least four 2014 UK spec cars at dealers that have been on sale for quite a while. Makes an 18 month old/2k miles 470bhp/V8 Lexus RC-F at £40k look very cheap/good VFM, having shed £23k off its list price in 18 months? ;) And 18 months warranty on it and automatic, unlike the C7s.

Lexus RC F 5.0
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Has most of the extras on it carbon dash black wheels red calipers no transparent roof but it would have been about £66000 if not a little more and at least its a uk car so no worries about satnav dab radio and fog light Mick !!
True Mick, It's also sitting on a set of "budget" replacement Malaysian Accelera tyres (about £300 a set?) as opposed to the OE Michelins.
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Ok didnot see that well spotted my OE Michelins where replaced at about that mileage but i put on Michelin non runflats much better for noise and turning judder . My new c7 i am back to runflats again but never mind not throwing them away will be glad when they are worn out in a couple of years !!