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Dry winter drives

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Tue 10 Feb 04 17:05

Dry winter drives Message Icon

Don't you just love it when you haul the car out of the garage on dry, sunny winter days like today, and have a perfect blast around the roads, for no reason other than the sheer joy of driving? It's easy for those of us whose Vettes are dry-day-only cars to forget just how much fun driving can be, and how uninvolving our daily drives are by comparison.

I've just been for a blast around the Sussex countryside for no reason other than the fact that I could. It's dry, clear and cold today, and the car was performing beautifully. Pulling well, never missing a beat, scaring old ladies at bus stops, embarassing Maxxed-up Novas on Brighton sea front. Just perfect. This is what makes Corvette ownership special.

Of course, we'll gloss over the hairy moments racing up the 1:4 Ditchling Beacon (if you know it), feeling the inadequacies of the suspension over the undulating road. We'll also pretend we didn't notice the sudden failure of the water temp guage. I'll even overlook the ?20 I've just spent on fuel for a drive no more meaningful than a trip around the block. Today it just doesn't matter.

Today, my '76 Corvette rules the road.

Blue-with-white-stripes 1976 manual L82 since 1995
"A stiff upper lip is always well dressed when accompanied by mountains of torque and an indomitable will." -unsprung

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Future club member?

Tue 10 Feb 04 17:49

Re: Dry winter drives

I have been off work for a couple of days and have taken my Beasty out for a blast 4 days in succession. My Beasty has been off the road since before Xmas having its gearbox and starter motor rebuilt. So I have been gorging myself. You forget the sheer pleasure of owning a Vette. All the stares and silly grins. Cars stopping to let you out, strangers coming up to you to talk at the inevitable stops in the garage.

It is all worth the cash paid for the petrol.

1969 T-Top Coupe, Custom Built 454, 450 bhp and 500 lb/ft Torque, Hood Scoop, TH350 Auto, Side Pipes, Wire Wheels

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Tue 10 Feb 04 20:09

Re: Dry winter drives

Yeah, I reckon we get more smiles per mile than anything else - unless it has mammalian protuberances of some substance.

Is it possible that our cars actually perform better in colder weather ? They're sucking in huge quantities of freezing-cold air into the system which, in my book, should lead to a bigger bang and more ooomph. But is that appreciable ? Answers on a postcard................

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Club Member

Tue 10 Feb 04 23:15

Good run to Oxford today in the sunshine. Remains a mystery to me why "other road users" love to race past at high speed and then slow down in front of the Vette to a speed 5 mph slower than I was going in the first place. Fine if they want to have a look but I wish they wouldn't get in the way!

The Stingray has landed!

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Wed 13 Dec 17 15:47

Re: Dry winter drives

Really crap weather up here right now, but I can still manage to find an excuse to visit another hospital in the Corvette and take the scenic route, like down the A77 (our own Highway #1) to our Girvan Hospital from Ayr and back when I can.

Glorious views of the sea and Ailsa Craig as I crest the hill from Kirkoswald heading down to Trump Turnberry's hotel (two pints, a whisky and coke and a diet coke, £37.40) and golf course on the way.

I should take photys but if you Google image Trump Turnberry you'll get loads.. (Assuming anyone is remotely interested, that is..)

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Club Member

Fri 15 Dec 17 10:22

Re: Dry winter drives

I didn't notice the date of Ben's original post here and was initially flabbergasted! Laughing It's been a long time since Ben enjoyed the Vette out on the road. Very Happy What's the story Ben?

Our "old girl" has been laid up for a bit, but there is just a glimmer of hope it may be out on Sunday.... providing La Poste does their "thing" and, the arriving part does what I'm hoping! Rolling Eyes

Stephen J Irons
CCCUK Lifetime Member
Corvette Club France
Corvettes of Southern California
NCM Family Member
Stephen & June's Web Site
Red Corvettes Have More Fun!

Apple IS Genisys!
The "Born-Again Greenies" are killing the planet! It's time to wake up and smell the rain-forest burning!

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Club Member

Fri 15 Dec 17 10:59

Re: Dry winter drives

It’s a great drive past Turnberry, I was on my way to the William Grant Distillery, another exciting venue.

"what could possibly go wrong"

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Club Member

Fri 15 Dec 17 11:16

Re: Dry winter drives

Going off topic, Ben's post originated on 5 January 2008 and has had over 430,000 views. It all started with the words "This evening I started something that I might well regret. Without much planning, forethought or preparation I began a body-off chassis restoration"

Rich Rogers
CCCUK Lifetime Member
2017 Yellow LT1 Camaro

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Fri 15 Dec 17 11:46

Re: Dry winter drives

I was bored and I thought of resurrecting an old post to see if anyone would notice. Good day today for a run out, sunny and crisp with excellent visibility to see Arran, Mull of Kintyre and Northern Ireland. Too bad I'm having to work!!

Found this one too..

Behind Turnberry in the village of Kirkoswald, there's a Whisky Experience place for anyone interested in partaking. Its next to the local Kirk where you can see Dwight D. Eisenhower's seat (he still has a gaff at nearby Culzean Castle which has a lot of his personal items yet).

Up the road we have Penkill Castle, home of Elton Eckstrand until he sold it and died in 2008.

Elton A. Eckstrand was the son of Earl E. Eckstrand and Marie Eileen Eckstrand. He graduated from Denby High School and went to Wayne State University where he earned his Doctorate in Law. He started his career at Chrysler Corp. as a corporate attorney while he pursued his love of car racing. He was instrumental in organizing several Chrysler factory racing teams including the "Ramchargers," the "Golden Commandos," and his own racing team known as the "Lawman." He won a multitude of top ranked national drag racing championships. During the Vietnam War, Mr. Eckstrand developed a program to take muscle cars to Southeast Asia for exhibition to all branches of the military service. The Lawman Military tours were a resounding success and more than 250,000 military personnel attended exhibitions held on aircraft carriers and conflict zone runways.

During the 1980's, Mr. Eckstrand purchased the 15th Century Penkill Castle in Scotland, home to the Pre-Raphaelite artists and officially became the 18th Laird of Penkill. Mr. Eckstrand received numerous awards from the British Government for his efforts in the preservation of the castle and became famous as the American who saved Penkill Castle.

In the late 1990s, he moved to Naples, Fla. where he continued to enjoy his many friendships, his books, his photographic interests, and his involvement in racing events. Mr. Eckstrand was inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2000. His original 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger was added to the collection of muscle vehicles at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum.

Recently, Ford Motor Company honored him by presenting him with a custom built hi-performance "Lawman" Mustang to commemorate the 1970s Lawman Military Tours.

Elton Eckstrand, a former Grosse Pointe Woods, Wayne County, Michigan resident, passed away May 10, 2008, at age 80 in Naples, Florida.

Mr. Eckstrand was predeceased by his parents, Earl B. Eckstrand and Marie Eileen Eckstrand.

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Club Member

Fri 15 Dec 17 11:59

Keep up the good work Steve.

"what could possibly go wrong"

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