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2019 Zr1

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Club Member

Thu 19 Apr 18 15:08

2019 Zr1

See a review by Doug DeMuro on You Tube "The 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1". Not for sale in Europe?

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Club Member

Thu 19 Apr 18 17:08

Re: 2019 Zr1

I think the current trend for electric cars and pressure that's going to be applied to restrict IC motors here in the near future and elsewhere is probably the predicted reason for that. Car sales generally are going down as seen by Peugeot who are shutting down a lot of Vauxhall dealerships and only making vans here now.

If no ones going to buy the ZR1's here why bother offering them for sale, whereas an electric mid engined Corvette will probably sell really well.

My worry for an expensive IC powered vehicle, is that it may well become almost financially undriveable and as such, unsellable. Not just for performance vehicles, but commercials and those guys who spend their pension lump sum on a motorhome. There were a few electric campers at this years camping show in Glasgow.

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Mike Williams

Club Member

Fri 20 Apr 18 07:25

Re: 2019 Zr1

As I understand it, the reason it won't be available in Europe is because it doesn't meet Euro regulations on pedestrian impact safety: Apparently they have to be given a soft landing. Euro regulations require an air gap between the bonnet and the engine to absorb the energy of the impact, but the centre section on the ZR1 bonnet (or hood) is the intake, which is mounted directly to the engine.

Similar regulations stop the Camaro ZL1 1LE as that has splitter extensions that are deemed unsafe for pedestrians.

I don't know how you would stand on personal import though, as you would only need comply with UK regulations and they may be different, and once we're out of the European Union things may change too.

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Club Member

Fri 20 Apr 18 09:16

Re: 2019 Zr1

The US is out of the Paris Climate Accord, so they can continue to produce IC motors indefinitely, but they won't be able to export them in the near future as the rest of the world move towards electrification.

If the above is the case, it just means that GM is aware the ZR1 won't meet EU regs and really don't care either as its only for the home market.

You'd need to be seriously well heeled to import a ZR1 and be ok to take the financial hit when your stuck with it and with possible ongoing restrictions on its use.

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Club Member

Sat 21 Apr 18 17:56

Re: 2019 Zr1

Keep up chaps! I think both Tadge and Kirk Benion have explained this. It's due mainly to the height of the hood. The design team opted not to try and reduce the blower height to allow it to fit under the existing hood, but knew that by raising the hood line to cover it, even in the ZR1 "shaker hood" format, itwould mean the angle of view would not comply with European regs.

It's well known that GM don't understand the European market at all, and have no one working here that does! If they did, they'd realise that in the countries where the new car could be used legally at it's intended speed there would be plenty of people "well healed" enough to buy one. It just might have been worth trying to come up with a workable solution.

One only has to look at Chassay, the Corvette dealership near me here in Tours. On our visit with CCF for the clubs "AGM" in January, we counted about 40 new C7s in the showroom, of all types. Two were sold on the day to club members and another was collected later. On our recent club wekend in Normandy, two members had C7s only days old, both from Chassay. One was ordered to the owners spec, the other bought off the showroom floor. Chassay has no problem shifting the C7s they stock, despite most being "north" of 100k Euros! And, despite the fact that GN does ZERO advertising in France!

Stephen J Irons
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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Sat 21 Apr 18 18:04

Great product = great sales. People also seem to forget they tipped their view a bit more towards Europe with thr C7 design.

1995 Corvette LT1 6-Speed Coupe
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Committee Member

Sat 21 Apr 18 18:59

Re: 2019 Zr1

Similar story with hi-po USA only version of Mustang. Spreader bar between suspension turrets is too close to underside of hood - issues with front spoiler/splitter too.

CCCUK Chairman
'68 coupe - 4 speed - 3.08 - 489 cu in - 570 bhp @ 5850 rpm - 606 ft/lbs torque (821 Newton Metres) @ 3850 rpm

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