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#1: Classic Car Weekly Photo-shoot Request Author: KeithC7 Location: Cirencester Post Posted: Today at



I have received a request from Classic Car Weekly Magazine that has just published an editorial on the upcoming Nationals event. Any member wishing to offer their Corvette C1, C2 or C3 up for a photo-shoot please contact me on kmills6737 @ with photo of car and location.

Keith Mills


Thanks for letting us know about the plans for CCCUK’s celebration for the 65th birthday at the Nationals event – the news has been covered in today’s issue of CCW

I was hoping though that you might be able to help me out with a feature I’m aiming to put together, again celebrating the anniversary and again plugging the Nationals event

I’m aiming to either get C1 versions of the six-pot and V8 to compare the pair OR an example from the first 3 generations of Corvette together, again to compare them

Does one option strike you as being more straight forward than the other?

Either way, I was hoping you’d approach CCCUK members’ on my behalf to see if they’d be interested in putting their cars forward for the feature, to be professionally photographed and featured in Classic Car Weekly

We’re based in Peterborough but are happy to travel – the key would be to have the owners all within striking distance of one another so we can pick a venue for the pro shoot close to them.

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#2:  Author: JJVETTE Location: UK Post Posted: Today at

I am happy to offer my 71 brands hatch green coupe & my 67 yellow big block coupe.


#3: Re: Classic Car Weekly Photo-shoot Request Author: vaughan watkins Location: Woodley Reading Post Posted: Today at

Happy to offer my 66

#4:  Author: CaptainK Location: Devon Post Posted: Today at

Owww.... that sounds like fun. I did enjoy my session with Autotrader in my 1968 C3. Alas, the car is in no real state for big journey to Peterborough right now as its going through a winter revamp.
Do we know when they want the cars for?

#5: Re: Classic Car Weekly Photo-shoot Request Author: Vette T-Shirt Location: Melton Mowbray Post Posted: Today at

Thanks for all the emails and responses to Keith plenty to choose from!!
No more please and I will contact successful applicants in due course, cheers Gavin
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