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car covers

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Sun 23 Sep 07 15:48

car covers

ive got an 85 C4, and a 03 C5 z06 vette. both of which could do with good car covers. the thing is, i dont really like teh thaught of spendin more than around £100 on each of them..and to be really picky, it would be nice if they had a nice corvette logo on it, esp for the Z06. Very Happy

does anybody have any recomendations as ecklers tends to be pretty pricey...again, to be even more picky, it would be nice if it was an easy to use typa thing...something you dont need two poeple to put it on, and u dont have to wrestle it! lol.

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Sun 23 Sep 07 16:57

Re: car covers

I've got flanelette bed sheets on mine with a cheap car cover from argos.
Works really well at keeping all the dust off it in the garage.

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Club Member

Sun 23 Sep 07 18:56

Re: car covers

If the car's are outside, then you need something good, and you “gets what you pays for”. That being the case, the ones that Ecklers or Mid America sell take a lot of beating. The rule of thumb (if you want to give the best protection with minimal damage) is to buy the best you can afford, and that means the Noah type covers, or the new “two tone” items that both Ecklers and MA Motorworks are offering. Assumin that the $- £ rate in N Ireland is the same or close to Englands, it is so good at the moment that anything from the US is a bargain!

If the car's indoors, then as Blakey says, soft sheets and maybe a waterproof over cover work fine. Before we moved here our ’78 lived in a lock-up for 12 years and had soft sheets covered by a cheap Argos plastic cover. We did use some polystyrene blocks to keep the cover raised a little, but otherwise it worked fine… I think those who know the car will tell you it still looks “presentable”…..

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Sun 23 Sep 07 20:49

My father-in-law restored a very rare 'woody' Mini down to the bodyshell, but the roof paint was recently ruined after he left the car outside under a cover for a week. Sad
He had a cheap waterproof cover and to protect the paint he bought a freshly-cleaned bedsheet from a charity shop.
Something impregnated in the sheet reacted with what moisture was trapped under the cover and left blotches in the Mini's paint. Maybe it was bleach or detergent.

Be careful with cheapo solutions!

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Mon 24 Sep 07 17:57

Re: car covers

both cars are indoors, the 85 in a dry barn, and the z06 in the garage, theres a new garage being built as a 'toy store' lol, so theyll both be in it soon enough, but i wouldnt be planning on using the covers outside, the 85 never gets wet.

The sheet and a relativly cheap cover sounds good for the C4, as it hardly moves much. but the idea of trying to rest a sheet in teh right place then a cover on top every other day seems hastle for the C5..or mayb im just lazy? lol

Ill maybe look into a good soft cover for the Z06, just to make it a bit easier to handle.

Cheers for the help guys. Clap

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