2002 Camaro HID conversion with HB4 bulbs


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I'm in the process of upgrading my rather tired lights on my Camaro. The lenses are yellow and hazy, and the main bulbs are old and dim. The high-beams are ok, but nothing special.

So I've just ordered some extra-bright HB3 halogens (Twenty20 Daylight 110%) for the high-beams. They've got a 2 year guarantee which should be sound, as the seller is still trading, and I first used them some 9 years ago. For the lenses themselves I've ordered a Twnety20 lens refresh kit, of the two-wipe type (so no drill-powered buffing etc). Will be interesting to see how that works out.

Finally, for the main beams I've opted for a pair of 35w HID kits, with 5000k bulbs (so normal warm-white, nothing silly) specifically designed for reflector-type lenses. I bought a similar 35w kit from here before, and the only HID bulb was more effective and brighter than 2x 45w halogens it replaced! While they are still technically for off-road use (due to lack of headlight washers and auto-dipping if I recall), the actual beam pattern is better (safer) than stock with less glare, and I've always found those modern auto-dippers never work right. They always dip too late, and it still doesn't stop BMW X5 or Range-Rover drivers having them set to shine so high them are over the roof of the average car. Used properly they are no worse than halogens, and in some cases better. Ironically, halogens used to be illegal too (in the US at least), as they were too bright!

I'll post some updates once fitted, and try to use a camera in manual mode to get some good comparison pictures that match what the eye sees.

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" A Z28 Camaro will have to do for now.... "

Great cars :) I have this 97 Z28 and a 91 C4. I'm constantly asked which one I prefer and can never give clear answer :)


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I did actually do the HID conversion eventually but with new headlight bodies: some aftermarket anzo reflector types with led halos. Really worked very well. Did take about 5-10 seconds for then to fully warm up. Miles better than halogens in same units and gave a perfect beam pattern.

Then I p/x’d the car for a C6!