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2014-16 C7 Brake Rotor TSB


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This bulletin applies to brake pulsation issues on 2014-2016 Corvettes equipped with the heavy-duty brake system (RPO J55).
Customers may comment about a pulsation and/or vibration when applying the brakes.
They may also comment about a rattle noise that goes away when the brakes are lightly applied.

The condition may be due to excessive lateral runout or interaction between the inner top hat section and the rotor ring.
Brake rotor assembly design has been changed from a two-piece to a one-piece design.

For front rotors and vehicle built prior to May 31, 2016, replace the old two-piece design with the new one-piece design.

For rear rotors and vehicles built prior to July 23, 2015, replace the old two-piece design with the new one-piece design.
Rotors must be replaced as pairs (both fronts and/or both rears).
Do not replace rotors unless you find lateral runout out of spec.

P/N ........................... ROTOR

23242229 ................. Front rotor
23322785 ................. Rear rotor




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All UK/Mainland Europe spec C7s have the Z51 option. So, presumably this only applies to (non Z51) J55 optioned US Spec cars? Or does it apply to Z51 cars also, if they have the same J55 brakes as part of the Z51 "kit" ?


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If I recall correctly,
the RPO J55 came with the Z51 or Z06 options and then there was another brake option for Z07
  • The Z06 features two-piece steel rotors, measuring 14.6 x 1.3-inch (371 x 33 mm) front and 14.4 x 1-inch (365 x 25 mm) rear, with aluminum six-piston and four-piston fixed calipers, respectively
  • The Z07 package adds larger, 15.5 x 1.4-inch (394 x 36 mm) front and 15.3 x 1.3-inch (388 x 33 mm) carbon ceramic-matrix brake rotors for consistent performance lap after lap, and collectively save 23 pounds over the standard Z06 rotors.
I guess best answer for 2014-16 model years,
is looking at the rotors and if they are 2 piece and runout is off replace them with the new 1 piece steel ones


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Just remembered, I have a "View Vehicle Build" (Option Codes) printout from the GM Global Connect system for a 2017 UK Spec (Z51) car. That lists/includes both the Z51 (Performance Sport Handling) and J55 Option Codes. So presume TSB applies to 2014-16 UK & Euro spec cars?


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My 2014 z51 optioned car had the rotors replaced under warranty I A spotted the problem when i took my car in 4 a service was all sorted no worries !!