72 C3 Front Suspension Bumper


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Having installed most of the front suspension (up to the point where the top A arm needs to be joined to the spindle casting) I thought I had done the difficult bit. However fixing the new rubber bumper that fits in the hole at the side of the coil spring turret under the top A arm proved to be the trickiest part.

Front Susp Bumper 11-small-2.jpg Front Susp Bumper 1-small.JPG

After trying to..... ease the bumper on the frame manually after coating it with WD40, forcing it with a clamp, leveraging it in with a small screwdriver and probably a few other more radical methods I hadn't got anywhere.

The method finally used was to:
Coat the suspension turret and hole with WD40.

Cut off about a metre of strimmer line, fold it in two and wrap the centre of the line around the groove in the rubber bumper.
Front Susp Bumper 2-small.JPG

Then insert the two strimmer line ends carefully down through the turret hole (and down and out through the bottom all the time keeping that loop tight around the rubber bumper until the cone of the bumper bottom is flush with the hole in the spring turret. Then pull the strimmer line carefully down so that it pulls the lower rubber flanged bit into the hole and seats the bumper correctly on the turret. In the final picture you can just see the bumper installed just below the A arm
Front Susp Bumper 11-total-2.JPG