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'72 LT1 Rallye wheel rim


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Recently imported a restored LT1 for which I require a spare wheel rim?
Anyone know of such for sale in UK or advice on the best USA parts supplier to use?
Thanks for any advice!


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FYI, the correct spare wheel for your car is a 15" x 8" steel wheel (rally) with 4" of backspace, coded AZ to the left of the valve stem (1969-82 Corvette). Aside from purists wanting the correct wheel, the coding is important to ensure that you get the correct wheel backspacing, in case you ever have to mount the spare on the car. The AZ wheels will work as a spare up until the 1978 models. The '78-'82 Corvettes take a compact spare tire. This is due to the increase in fuel tank size compared to the earlier C3s.
1968 Corvettes were 7" wide.
1967 Corvettes, the first year for rally wheels, were 6" wide.

Corvette Kingdom

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It is a new reproduction wheel, £120.95 plus vat

That should have been a link to the page on our website.If it isn't working for you let me know what browser you are using and I will inform my web guy.

I have one used original in stock with a tyre at £150 plus vat.

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