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'86 Starter Issue


CCCUK Member
So I took the car for the weekly shop and it ran perfectly fine until I tried to start it again to come back. Electrics working fine. Left it a bit longer and still nothing so rang the AA, of course when he arrived it started again with a bit of throttle. Reading online it could probably partly be heat soak but he was fairly insistent that the starter is on its way out.

Before I ring Topcats to put a new starter in. Is it worth trying to do anything with regards to heat soak or is it even possible to do a starter replacement at home?

TIA George

Daytona Vette

CCCUK regional rep
If the Starter is damaged due to Heat Up issues, too late if you want trouble free.
If damaged install a new Starter Motor and an Aluminium Heat Shield to reduce some of the heat transmitted from the Headers to the Solenoid - do not use a Heat Blanket
not all aftermarket Starter Motors are the same, some have the electrical connections on the Solenoid better placed to be further away from the heat source - The Heat Shield is important