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I have only just got my 68 and it is garaged, however i live in south London and wondered if anyone else uses additional security for your car such as steering locks etc etc? any advice would be appreciated.


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I made this security device for my automatic C3. I bought 50mm approx. square steel section on the internet and a Masters long leg padlock from B&Q. It slips over the handbrake and the shift stick and the padlock secures them together. It would need a cutter to undo it. I painted it yellow to make it visible and the label is just for added show.

Just needed a hacksaw, drill and hammer to make it. Yellow paint from Halfords.

My only concern is securing it in the car when not installed. as It might make a serious dent in my head in a bad accident.

Photos attached.



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I liked the security I had on a previous car I had with individual throttle bodies and a custom ECU and map etc. The standalone ECU was mounted somewhere easily reachable for me, and the ECU was quite small. So whenever I parked it up, I just removed the ECU. No way it'd start at all without that, and no-one would know what ECU it needed, or any basic map it might need on the ECU.

James Vette

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I looked into security for my future Corvette and there's many options that stop the car being drivable for example a steering lock that locks the wheel and pedal together with a pole, a lock that fits to the pedals and a lock that locks the handbrake and shifter together. Definitely worth fitting all of them when parking at home and in public as it'd only take two minutes.
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