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Anti Roll Bar Drop Links


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Does anyone know for sure if the anti roll bar (or sway bar as some call them) drop links are the same front to rear. I'm looking to replace mine with the White Line adjustable type, but I can only find these listed as 'Front'. The rears looks the same, but are they?



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I do not think those would work on the rear sway bar
If the end mounts is too thick could hit the half shafts

Here is the adjustable end links I use on my C5, about 3 1/2 inches long and notice the end mounts are different then
what you show in image.

Yours would look bit different as I use thicker custom sway bars, C5 is lowered and uses Penske race shocks that
are mounted upside down with bump stops to what stock shocks are

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I believe I fitted these heavy duty ARB drop links from MOOG: More Information for MOOG K750136

Pretty sure I used the same front/rear, although my OEM part was a lightweight plastic one on the rear from the factory.

These are pretty bulky and the clearance is massively reduced to the rear toe-control link, but only on full droop (with wheel in the air) as far as I can see. I have not had any problems with contact and I take my car on the track.

I would upload some photos, but they keep getting rejected by the server.


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Have fitted the Moog ones and so have a few friends with no problem all 4 are the same got them from Rock autos if you use paypal they are dispatched within hours and normally get them within 3 or 4 days Mick!!