August Competition: Win a car tracker from Tracker UK plus a year's subscription


Supporting vendor
Our August competition is here!

august competition.png

This month’s prize is sponsored by Tracker UK, who are a market leading stolen vehicle recovery service provider and the only tracking company to have a unique formal agreement with all UK police forces.

Vehicle theft affects thousands of people each year and in the case of our beloved classics, you’re not just losing a car, but a cherished part of the family too. Tracker UK are responsible for recovering over £574 million worth of stolen vehicles, returning them to their rightful owners.

Key features of the Battery Powered Retrieve Car Tracker:

- High tech VHF tracking that can be tracked even when concealed in metal containers, lock-ups or underground car parks

- Unique tracking technology that is not affected by GPS/GSM signal jammers

- Own power source – does not need to be wired into your vehicle’s electrical system

- Long battery life with up to 5 years standby

- Easily installed in vehicles or non-powered assets

- Nationwide support from the UK police force

- One-time use operation 24/7 monitoring via Secure Operating Centre

- Thatcham S7 Accredited

- Tracking coverage throughout the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg

- Installation fee included

- Comes with one year’s subscription to Tracker UK services

Follow the link and fill out the form to enter.


CCCUK Member
I always enter this, just because, and I'm insured with you. But the page erks me as a software developer. You have a "*" next to all the mandatory fields on the screen, and a note saying as such, all fair enough, standard stuff. BUT, the "When is your everyday car insurance due?" question doesn't have the asterisk, implying you can ignore it - however if you don't enter that value it moans a lot and won't submit the page.

So is the "When is your everyday car insurance due?" question mandatory or not ? If it is, put an asterisk next to it. If it isn't, remove the check from it when it is left blank.