Battery Conditioner


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Just wondered what battery conditioners people were using when they are not using there cars for a period of time. Will be parking mine up over the winter so looking to see what others are using and how they are routing the cables to the boot mounted battery.

Graham Butler

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Battery Tender from the Sports bike Shop, £49 including all the fittings you will need, loads of cable, dead easy. I also have a Battery Brain (battery isolator/immobiliser) fitted, comes with a fob, as long as you remember to press the button at the required time it works well.


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I have 2. A Ring and a cheap Aldi one. Both worked with no problems through last year and are still going. Not sure it makes any difference other than some have more lead variants to play with.


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I use a small solar panel, roughly A4 size, bought a couple of years ago on Amazon, that hangs outside my garage with a wire through the wall to a cig lighter socket attached to the battery. Works well and no mains power required.


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I have a CTEK MXS 3.6 which seems to work well enough. However, it did fail after a a couple of years - pressing the main button didn't do anything - but it's a common problem with this model and is easily fixed. Although at this price you shouldn't have to.


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Optimate 3 with cable to connect to the cigarette lighter socket, excellent piece of kit. Come to think of it, this Optimate is probably 20 years old, it used to keep my motorcycle battery in working order.