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C3 headers in the UK


Regular user
Hi can anyone recommend a supplier perhaps fitting company for 1980 C3 headers with N14 side pipes and a manual box please. I've seen a couple of UK sites but asking silly money really. A US company has Doug side mounts for around $600 plus shipping.

Apologies if this has been answered many times but I'm new to ownership. Some sites mention extra brackets for air con compressor, alt brackets etc so on.



CCCUK Member
Cool looking car Blockpower (y). Join the club and hang out with the cool guys :cool:. You never know , there might even be some car events in 2021 if Covid hasn`t done for us all by then !


Regular user
I'm total new to Corvette ownership. I guess I really just bought the car I liked the look of without actually knowing completely what I was buying usual checks aside.

I'm beginning to believe it's an interesting set up now. I guess I struck lucky. It did take me a year to take the plunge though I must admit at umming and ahring for a while.

Makes me a happy bunny. Thanks for all the positive messages. I feel part of the group already..


CCCUK Member
Hello and welcome to the club. Nice setup with the tri-power. :) Like you I have sidepipes and a manual box. I got my new headers from somewhere in the states I think. Bit costly with delivery, but hey hum.