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C4 meet up


CCCUK Member
Hello, i am new to the club. Anyone near Ipswich want to meet up somewhere for a cuppa and compare C4's?

Forrest Gump

CCCUK regional rep
You’re welcome to come along to an Essex monthly meeting at Chelmsford.
Next meeting 17th April Red Lion CM4 0EQ, 7pm. Often a C4 or two.


CCCUK Member
Get as many C4's together at the CCCUK Nationals, Cross-fires, TPI's, LT1's and ZR1's. This all with the other generations.


CCCUK Chairman
East Anglia region now has joint regional reps after being vacant for a year or so - both guys are a bit further north than you just over the Norfolk border - Essex meet may be best option (except you missed the March meeting last Wednesday!)