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C5/C6 Wanted

Eric w

Regular user
Hi again still looking for my first Corvette and I have to say it’s proving far from easy and my budget is being stretched constantly to find what I want. Basically just a good clean honest car, at a fair and honest market value. I started looking exclusively for a C5 as a C6 was outside of my budget, ( 15k) for what would be a high days and holidays car. Unfortunately the only good C5’s I’ve been able to find are approaching C6 money so that caused me another dilemma do I spend a few grand more and go C 6 ? Having been a petrol head all my life and owning dozens of classics and even more non classics I’ve never found a brand so embroiled in dodgy deals ! Last week from 16 cars I checked history on 14 were either registered as total insurance losses in the USA before coming here or left the USA with a hundred thousand more miles on than they have now !! The one C5 I’ve found which is exceptionally clean is three years older than advertised which then causes issues with certain parts availability so I’m led to believe??
if anyone has a nice honest well looked after car they are looking to sell to a genuine enthusiast C5 or C6 but budget at a stretch is circa 22k max please get in touch. Would prefer red but yellow or black I would also consider. There has to be something out there without a hidden history. Cash waiting.tel or text 07931778394
Thanks Eric


CCCUK Chairman
Look on our cars for sale - Tony's huffed C5 Z06 is still available - not the colour you want but an immaculate low mileage really well looked after car - a C5 Z06 is rare enough but this is an even rarer Le Mans edition and Procharged from nearly new,