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C6 flat bottom Steering wheel

Eric w

CCCUK Member
Hi only just recently joined ( NEC Classic Car Show) having bought my first C6.
im looking for a flat bottom carbon steering wheel similar to one I’ve seen on another car.
can anyone point me in the direction of the best place to source one? I’ve seen a guy in Russia mentioned on forums and also seen a couple from the States but thought I’d take advice before parting with my hard earned! EA06468C-FE42-4014-945A-B49FD5B2E3FD.pngEA06468C-FE42-4014-945A-B49FD5B2E3FD.png

Daytona Vette

CCCUK regional rep
I am not a C6 expert to know of an air bag flat bottom, but if you are looking and it is without an air bag - Momo

PS Welcome to the Club


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Eric w

CCCUK Member
Thanks guys I can pass the info on to my nearest and dearest for my Xmas pressie !!! 😜😜
Oh and thanks for upgrading my membership status Rich was good to meet you guys at the NEC can’t wait to get out to some car events in the New Year! I’ve got a couple of other classic cars that I’ve been taking to shows but I have to say they’re positively boring and not what you’d like to drive to far compared to the Vette. Hoping to get some road trips in next year.


........... Hoping to get some road trips in next year.
Look out for February's Vette News when, all being well, I will be announcing the details for the 2020 CCCUK trip to Valkenburg, Holland for the Corvette Fame event.