C6 LS2 engine oil


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I'm planning an engine oil change on my recently accquired 2007 LS 2 engined car which has the Z51 performance pack, firstly - is 5.7 litres the correct capacity?
Moving on the the oil type, I'm a bit confused as I understand that the modern formualtions of oil are very different to those available when these cars were built 14 years ago. The oil filler cap as Mobil 1 5w30 but I have been advised that premature cam wear can be caused by API rated oils and particularly so with an API SN rated oil. Also GM engines seem to be specced to use either Dexos 1 or 2 oils, but again I don't undertsand what the difference is.
Driven Ls30 oil seems to be a good choice but is fairly expensive even with the CCUK discount, so is there a less costly but equally suitable alternative that C6/ LS2 owners use and recommend.
Any suggestions would be welcome
Thanks, Nick


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Thanks for reply - please to report that I have found 2 5w30 fully synthetic oils which meet GM4718M spec - Millers XF premium LSPI and Comma Syner -X.
Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 is also available but I understand that it is a different formulation nowadays and may not meet the GM4718 spec? However, Ian Allan have told me that they still use Mobil 15w30 ESP...... so at the end of the day you pay your money and take your choice .....