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C7 Z06


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Just got C7 Z06 back from having a misfire sorted and what a difference it has made to the car real nice to drive now.It had had a slight misfire on start up and it lasted until it got warmed up this had gone on for a few months so i decided to take it into parts USA at Stockport, it turned out it was injector number 3 in what was called a rough idle cold start this in turn led to the other injectors trying to compensate which then threw a code up that all the others were not performing correctly but it did not stop there the fault threw up other ghost faults saying that the rear axle needed servicing plus the stabilitrack wanted servicing, these all went away when the new injector was installed and programmed in.While it was there they did a recall on it that had not been done something to do with the air bags. As i mentioned it is now very easy to drive can come down to 16mph in 7th gear and put foot down and away it goes very rapidly i may add. Parts USA had got 3 C7's in my Z06 and 2 Grand sports, would i recommend YES.
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