Corvette C6 base 2005-2007 Long tube headers


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For sale as decided not to fit to my C6.

brand new boxed and unfitted Texas Speed headers and x pipe.
Comes with o2 sensor extension, gm new gaskets, and stainless steel clamps.
Really good quality stainless steel headers into a 3” collector and x pipe. Comes with 3”to 2-1/2” reducer pipes to fit a standard back box or most aftermarket back boxes.

very heavy so will not ship, but can deliver or meet depending on location.
They really are very nice, but decided to go a different route now on mine, so not needed.

£1200 a good deal as shipping and import duty really pushes the price up.


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Hey Robster, I’m looking at getting headers for my C6. Are these still available? Are they 1 3/4 on the primaries and are they catted?


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Hi, sorry not been checking the website. Yes they are available. They replace the cats so no, and they are 1-7/8” into a 3” collector, 3” x pipe then reducers that take them back to 2.5” to fit your back box . They only use the front sensors so you will need a tuner or hand held tuner to turn off the second sensor. All stainless steel from Texas speed.


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Hi Robster, thanks for your reply, but I’m after a system that’s catted. I won’t be able to take it on/off each MOT. Good luck with your sale. 👍