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Corvette C8 Official Picture???


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Not sure if this is an official marketing picture put up in error early, but this appears on a Chevrolet Dealers home page on one of the scrolling pictures. I won't name them in case they have made a booboo. (but the name is in the picture alas !!)
I still can't see any room for a suitcase !!!



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Do we need a C8 Forum on here, for stuff like this (Technical Talk?)? All the posts on the C8 are getting lost in the "sands of time" in "Corvette Gossip" ? Be nice to have them in an identifiably C8 forum, as we all get excited about the new car? See from the photos, that the top of the rear vent is built into the doors. Good for knockin' cyclists off their bikes? That makes this thread "technical", doesn't it? ;)

Daytona Vette

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Looks like a 360 Modena on steroids - more prancing horse than Corvette, mind you front image of the C7 is very much F12
C3 to C7 you can follow a transformational shape
250 GTO to F12 ditto
C8 is a radical departure except for the front end
Not Sure - may be to compete with the Supercars but at a cheaper price
No to stagnation, but where is the Corvette as we know it ?


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As I have said, I'm not a fan off any rear engine cars like this, so it does nothing for me.

But, we had an interesting little chat with Doug Fehan at Le Mans - I quipped about the "last hurrah" for the C7R and he said "We're not thinking of a new car, we love our C7R". Then almost sliping out of typical "Doug PR Mode" as an aside he said that he thought the C5 and C6 had not aged too well, but that he believed the C7 was a stupendous design and one that would endure the test of time and remain looking sharpe for many years. I couldn't help thinking he was maybe not a fan of the rear engine car.....

Daytona Vette

CCCUK regional rep
I like some rear engined Supercars - but take the badge off this one and it has no Vette DNA
Do it by all means, but also carry on the line of front engined Vettes that have morphed from the previous shape.
and just as a bye if you made a front mid engined Vette 4wd - The question would be why go rear mid engined
other than to try and line up with some of the more expensive exotica out there.
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You just wait in righthand drive form it will sell well ,not long now there will b suprizes i know the door vent will be no more trust me on that cyclists will be just knocked off with the noise not the door vents !!!