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Corvette Fame, Holland. 10th to 12th July 2020. CANCELLED

Added to Calendar: 10-07-20, 11-07-20, 12-07-20


10th to 12th JULY 2020

As usual, a group of CCCUK Members will be attending this Corvette weekend in the town of Valkenburg, Holland.

Full details of the event are on Page 34 of the February edition of Vette News.

The journey down is an absolute breeze being 99% Motorway, so if you are at all apprehensive about driving your Corvette on the Continent you don’t need to be. A number of CCCUK Members travel down together via Eurotunnel.

Corvette Fame is a relaxing weekend which brings together Corvette owners from across Europe in a great location. The town of Valkenburg is beautiful and a walk around the well kept gardens and the tastefully developed centre with its old and sympathetic new architecture is a must. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy during your wanderings. Of course you may feel that simply admiring the assembled Corvettes, or chatting in the bar and large terrace overlooking the show field, are sufficient to keep you amused. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time (just ask anyone who has been before) and you don’t even have to move your Corvette over the entire weekend, as security is provided overnight on the show field which is a short walk to the town centre.

Valkenburg attracts a lot of visitors particularly with other major events taking place locally over the same weekend. However Club Members are assured of good accommodation and excellent food due to the relationships which the Club has developed over the years with selected Hotels and Restaurants.

So, if you fancy coming, or have any questions, please contact me, but please don’t delay as we only have a limited number of hotel rooms reserved exclusively for CCCUK MEMBERS. Restaurant bookings will be arranged for you.

Rich Rogers
Tel 01202 434729
Email: richard_rogers@talk21.com