Corvette Ownership - Which Would You Take?


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Hypothetically for fun. :)

Which would you take?
A single C8 or two (possibly even three!) Corvettes using the same money (based on say £100k for a C8) from between 1953 - 2019?

I'd take 3. 😊
1970-73 C3
2007 C6
2016 C7

Should give me about £10k in change too. 😎

How about you? 🤔


Hmmmmm - split 50/50 here Barry - if it was a C8, a stock one with hi-spec interior and add either twin turbo's or a 'huffer' - could almost use as a daily driver - or.............spend a good percentage of the money for a 'body-off' with wide-body conversion on my C3, trick chassis and suspension/rear end plus humungeous cubes (632 cu in or so)


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A top notch C2 , then really trick out my C3 with a body off job , suspension , steering , brakes and engine up grades . Then blow the rest on fine Malt whiskies 😁


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I'd never take a C8!
After 31 years I still like our '78, BUT.... I'd love a C6, ideally a Grand Sport and probably a convertible. The GS is ultimate all round C6 , but I'd be happy with a standard C6 Convertible. I'd also like a restomod, maybe a restomod '78 (Carrs Corvettes do one), but no hope of registration here in France!


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That white '63 Z06 in this months club magazine.
That would do me, white steel wheels and all.. 😍

Sometimes I think modern spoked alloy wheels have had their day and look kind of tarty now when stationary (on the move, all alloys look the same anyway).


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