Doug is back at Corvette Racing πŸ˜€


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I wonder why he went to start with? I got the impression he’d retired but that makes it sound like he was sacked.


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We watched Doug's interview at the NCM Virtual Bash last year and from what he said, and the way he said it, we got the impression he was getting ready to follow his friends like Dany and Gary Pratt into retirement, so took the announcement of that at face value. Then the stories started appearing that he'd been "pushed". Friends close to the team seem to confirm that. Doug's such a team player that no one will get anything out of hime if he was pushed I'm sure, but GM clearly though he is more of an asset than they did a few months ago - maybe to quell the various rumblings from the fans of mixed feeling on the C8, IMSA series lack of competition, a woman at the helm, etc etc!


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Excellent news. I hope Doug will be at Le Mans each year also, the race would not be the same without his wise words, enthusiasm & insightful knowledge.