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Dribbles On the drive!


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C4 1989 (auto) Convertible

After I take her out and park up on the drive, dribbles are left on drive and I mean dribbles not a heavy leak. It doesn’t persist for long either. Mainly from the front end of the car from this red like filter, (pics attached) and from the back end drivers side under near the wheel arch from a thicker hose/pipe, doesn’t smell or feel like oil, possible water or a mix of water and something

Coolant reservoir tank
Is nearly empty most of the time, But when I take the radiator cap off to check level its full to the brim.

Is this a worry/ concern or normal?

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated



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I think the rear one is probably just a drain from from the scuttle, I think the ac drain is the passenger side.

Looks like you’ve got an aftermarket air filter and the leak on that needs more investigation it maybe from the radiator and running onto the air filter.

does the drip taste of anti freeze?

Just general observations, I’ve no experience of C4s.


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Yes it’s definitely the engine coolant antifreeze colour! I’ll get it seen too.
Spoke to John today from PSS in wales.

Yes the back one he said not to be concerned over like you’ve suggested

It’s literally a gush when I park up then it stops within minutes. Leaves a small medium sized stain in the floor.

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