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Electrical fault still ongoing, but now pointing to the throttle body, a replacement seems impossible?


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Hi, I am experiencing a fault with my LS2 2005 C6
After several checks with Tech2, its all pointing to the throttle body, however these seem impossible to locate?

Would prefer a standard replacement, unless an upgrade, doesn’t open up a can of worms with high O2 readings or other faults etc.

Any advise guys where I could locate? Rock auto not available!

Anyone on here have a new or good second hand one?

Or any ideas if these can be reconditioned?

Thanks in advance
Steve, based in essex


CCCUK Member
On the Rockauto website, there is a reconditioning service for £185. Strangely, I looked 5 mins ago and it told me they had new AC Delco ones ( part # 12570790) in stock for £466. Looked again and it said out of stock.

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Speak to Keith at Eurovettes/he brings in parts from US/might be cheaper? Presumably just taking it out and cleaning it isn't gonna solve the problem? Keith might have some knowledge on that?

Don't know what that Tech2 is telling you, but seen this? Relevant/of any use?

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Bob Chevy

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Hi, When I had a Monaro a few years back with an LS2 in it the throttle body started to play up several fault codes were shown pointing to the throttle and its components.
Eventually it would not start so the throttle body was replaced and all was well.
After a bit of research online I found it is quite common with LS2 motors and it was around £500 for a new one.

Hope you have it sorted now.