Forum preferences of "Charcoal" (instead of default red)


CCCUK Member
My hint and tip for today is NOT to use the "Charcoal" colour setting in the forum, and instead leave it on the default of Red.

Why? Well, when you scroll down the homepage looking for threads that are new / unread, it is very hard to spot the ones that are new when it is set to "Charcoal".

Why? Well, "old / read" threads are naturally grey irrespective of your forum colour choice. By default new threads are coloured Red with the default forum preference of Red.

If you change it to Charcoal, then both the "new thread" and "old / read" threads appear grey with a slight tone change, thus making it much harder to quickly see which threads are "New".

There endeth my tip for today. :)


CCCUK Member
Red is not a good colour for a friendly Forum, Red insights RAGE

Blue is cool.
I'd like a blue forum colour too - it'd match my Corvette colour.

The only possible problem I forsee is first glance mistaking of what forum I'm on - Corvette club, or the NHS forum (I work for the NHS, and their "company colour" is blue)........