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an interesting discovery on Monday. My other half has been driving round in her car we bought last July with the 2 first letters on the reg plate the wrong way round, should be KL not LK. Saved her some speeding tickets I suppose ;)

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The dealership made a mistake on my wife car's numberplate too. An "L" should have been a "C". Worried about getting pulled, I tried to correct the error, until new plates arrived, using some black insulation tape to make the L into a C.....and that looked REALLY dodgy then.


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I had a friend who could never remember his car registration - turned out it was different front to back. Took him three years to work it out....

This was the reg on my 'Vette when I bought it......


Turned out this is what it should have been.....


When I checked OEU624J on the DVLA website it came up as a silver Camaro - and OEU627J was a green Corvette. The importers had obviously registered several cars at the same time and got the plates mixed. Maybe I should have kept quiet and let the Camaro owner have my speeding tickets.... :devilish:


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Back in the late 1970`s I worked with a guy who was a bit `fly` in his activities and owned two Morgan`s , one red and one black . Both had the same registration plates so only paid one road tax regularly alternated which one he drove . :whistle:


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I had that once on a 75 that I had. Different plates front/back. Didn’t realise until washing it one day. No way to check in those days. Looked at the log book, and got the offending plate remade and put on. Still got the wrong plate somewhere in the garage.


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There is only one proper measurement , and that is imperial measurement ! :mad: All the rest is Euro rubbish to make it easier for their little brains to deal with things in multiples of 10 . :LOL: What ever happened to furlongs , perches and poles ??:ROFLMAO:

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I bought a new car trading in the old one, I asked the salesman to have the car ready with the private plate transferred to the new one, on the day we collected the car we filled her up at the dealers with petrol and the salesman was there doing the same thing with the car we had just traded in, we both drove out in two different makes of car, but with both showing the same registration number.

I bought a new car and the front and rear plates were different via 2 transposed digits

I bought a used car and when the paperwork arrived from DVLA, it showed that the car had a different registration to the year one that was on the car, the DVLA had it still registered with a Private Plate, so I put it on retention and later sold it for £1100

I traded in a 740 BMW in Avus Blue for a 750 BMW in Biaritz Blue (almost the same colour) I had a Private Plate on it and asked for the plate to be transferred to the new one - I had not told my Son that I was buying a new car - I picked him up from School in the afternoon and went straight to pick my new car up, it was outside and I drove up behind it and parked - my Son saw the Blue 7 series with my Private number on it infront of him, BUT that was the car he was already sitting in - he looked at me puzzled and speechless.