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John Robinson


CCCUK Member
17th July 2020. John Robinson, (co-rep with Gary Garwood for Kent region) had been ill for a number of months. Sadly John succumbed to his illness and passed away earlier this week.
John had been an active member of our Kent region for 15 or so years. He was also co-rep for the Kent region (along with Gary Garwood) for the last 7 years.
Most of us who met John will remember him as an active and enthusiastic, cheerful person. Those of us who go on-line and visit the CCCUK forum will remember him as Blackadder.
Many will recall seeing his black C6, registered V8 GRR at shows and events. Gary Garwood will notify us later about John's funeral arrangements etc



CCCUK Member
Thank you for the mail .I did not know John as i am new here. Please send my condolences. R.I.P John. Regards. Alan