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Hi everyone,

We hope that you are all ok and have stayed safe these past few months?

You don’t need us to tell you that the last three months have been pretty tough. But collectively we have all persevered, observed the rules and have protected those that we care about.

Of course, we’ve all been missing the things that we usually enjoy; the car shows, and regular club meets, but the virtual shows and Friday night club Zoom catch ups have got us through! As has the chance to delve into those vehicle maintenance jobs you’ve been putting off or even making a start on the next project. Most of you who usually have oily fingers may now have green fingers with immaculate gardens and well organised garages. Plus, if you have discovered those prickly rose plants in the garden you may, like us, have also found the individually wrapped, chocolate tin, variety too. There is no denying the “Lockdown Stone” is real…

At ClassicLine, members of our team have been able to work successfully from home, as well as from the office. We have adjusted our HQ to be Covid secure and are continuing to be able to be able to offer the personalised service you expect from us.

So, what’s next?

As the country adjusts to our new normal with caution, you may be looking to move your vehicle off a laid-up policy to on-the-road cover. Our team will be able to help you with this transition.

We’d also love to see the progress of any of your projects whilst we have all been in lockdown. Feel free to share these at pr@classiclineinsurance.co.uk.

Here’s a quick refresher on what’s included for Classic Corvette Club UK members:
15% premium discount
All modifications considered
Legal protection up to £100,000
Full UK & EU breakdown cover including home-start
European cover up to 90 days
Agreed valuation available
A range of annual mileage options are available

When you next need a quote or are renewing, talk to ClassicLine on 01455 639 000, making sure you mention you are a member of the Classic Corvette Club UK to get your 15% discount. Or, leave us a message via our contact form Contact Us | Classicline Insurance.

Finally, we've made it easier for you to renew your policy.
For all those who are working around the clock and unable to contact us during regular office hours, you can now renew your policy online. Once you have received your renewal invite, visit Renew Online | Classicline Insurance to renew online.

Take care all!