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MPG readings on UK/Euro spec C7 (Multiply by 1.2?)


CCCUK Member
Do I/you still have to multiply the MPG readings by 1.2, to convert US gallon MPG to UK/Imperial gallon MPG (1.0 Imperial gallon = 1.201 US gallons)?


New user
Not having a C7 I do not know for sure. All I can say is that ordering my new C5 from a Vauxhall showroom in 2001 gave me a UK spec car which needed the mileage converted from US gallons


CCCUK Member
Yep, I don't think, given the limited market for Imperial gallons that they would bother making a specific alteration. I'm guessing in the handbook it will list US gallons and litres


Mike W

CCCUK Member
I seem to remember Mitch ( I think it was) from Bauer Millet, just before they went under, saying (on Pistonheads) that whilst every previous model Corvette used US gallons for the MPG, even Euro spec ones, the C7 would be the first to use Imperial Gallons as well as US. I would check with Ian Allan Motors for confirmation though.


CCCUK Member
Hi Peter if you go into the settings the units can be selected imperial, US or metric. Just got back from Le Mans and used metric while i was there but switching back did an average of 30 MPG imperial that was at 130KPH most of the time so not bad did not even use Eco mode at that do not like it with autos can cause the converter 2 shudder and need flushing !! hope that helps Mick !!