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Young Bill

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Hi Folks,

Is there an upgrade/download for updated maps for the C7 (2015). I remember getting a DVD from one of the members here for the C6 a few years ago which was just the ticket.


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Interesting question and something I had not thought about. So this is how you do it:
But looked on the website and that says update stick available on there ($159) only covers US, Canada and Mexico. So guess I would phone Ian Allan and ask if an update for UK/Europe is available?
Looking on the German Corvette forum, appears that you can buy an Opel update for Europe (inc.UK) that works on a C7 (and late Camaro):
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Young Bill

CCCUK regional rep
Wonder if Ian Allen would pull my trousers down if there was an update available? Problably just use the Google maps app. View it on the phone and commands through Bluetooth. Maybe make the enquiry, might get a surprise.:)