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Watched it quite a few times, looks like a fake setup....
The engine, suspension and pretty much everything else was stripped out so what was he doing with no tools. Looks to me like he gave it a gentle push.

Engine, suspension, steering, front subframe all drops out in one piece. If you’ve got a lift it’s easy. In fact I think on the C5 and C6 the whole drivetrain, front and rear suspension, subframes, gearbox and torque tube will all drop out as one big lump.


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This is not uncommon ever since the tranny was moved to the back end as a transaxle starting with the C5 Corvette
In the above case notice the arms of the hoist are closer to the front and with the weight of the engine out not surprised to end results

Worse now with the C8 mid-engine Corvette where multi times shops and even GM dealers where now all the weight it at that back
that improper placement on hoist where even just take the weight off from removing the front wheels/tires, brand new C8s are ending
up like these :-(



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I have a 63 on a lift, no engine in, removed a front wheel and it tilted down at the back. I currently have a ratchet strap holding the front end down. Another job on the list.E1D50AE8-8389-4F4E-B3B9-A5BE7BEAF701.jpeg