Patents Assigned to GM Global Technology


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I complied like just for the last three years the volume of US patents GM has applied and/or gotten approved for what is used in new GM vehicles and in near future
By going through these you can get the feel of what is up and coming

I made a PDF for you which I attached to this post
I included URL web links too, most of these you can click on to see more depth of a patent

I also made the contents into a MSword document if PDF does not suit you, I could post


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Here's a curious thing about patents. 100 years ago most patents filed were for mechanical inventions of one sort or another. These days the overwhelming majority of new patents are for pharmaceuticals or for software.

Almost all mechanical inventions were "invented" by about the middle of the last century. Since then progress has been achieved by actually getting them to work and in many cases it's sophisticated digital controllers (i.e. electronics and software) which have enabled that to happen. For instance,
ABS brakes
Multi-gear automatics
Torque converter lock-up clutch
Twin-clutch gearboxes
Electronic limited slip differential

There shouldn't be too many pharmaceuticals in your Vette - but check the glove box carefully...