Ramps for jacking


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Hi there,

I would like to be able to remove the wheels from a C7 myself. I have obtained jacking pucks but clearance below the vehicle is too little even for my trolley jack which is for low slung cars.
Please can anyone recommend ramp products that I may use myself to go up to give me that additional few inches of clearance?

Christmas us coming so these could be a useful gift.

Many thanks



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A large part of the question comes down to whether you're happy just lifting one end of the car at a time or whether you want the whole thing raised and level for e.g. an oil change.

For just getting a jack under to change wheel then the rear is easy - there's decent clearance to reverse onto almost any ramp, block of wood, paving slab etc. The front is more challenging but driving up onto a paving slab (or two) may well give you enough clearance for the jack.

Getting the whole car in the air is a 'mare. I reverse the front onto a slab so that I can then stack more and reverse again. Then put two substantial timbers under the car - something like a railway sleeper. Then reverse the front of the car along the timbers while reversing the rear up onto more ramps. What a pantomime for an oil change.
.......which is why I now tend to use Ian Allan!


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Thanks all. Recommendations were appreciated and I will follow up with ramps. Indeed, not been back to the site and forum for quite a few days. My poor son got the kung flu. We've had a nightmare over the last ten days. Long story.

Looks like these ramp units are all much of a muchness. I would like to just be able to take wheels off, one end at a time
Saying that it looks like the rear wheels in particular are so wide that it could be quite a task just slotting them off and on.