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Rear Hatch opening button..... who knew??


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Hi, by some coincidence I found out that at the rear of the car, next to the slot for the key to open the hatch is a small round rubber button that can be pressed to open the hatch. Well, on mine it does not work. I sourced one but then found this article online https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/attachments/c6-corvette-general-discussion/48113110d1499954519-rear-compartment-switch-c6-rear-hatch-button-repair.pdf which explains how to "repair" it. However on removing the old switch I found the power was disconnected and the switch had no internals, so would never work. Now, my car has had some aftermarket lights fitted so I'm not sure if this was disabled then or at some other point or perhaps Euro-spec Vettes like mine had it deliberately disconnected. It does seem like a security risk all be it a useful feature to have at times. Does anyone with a Euro-spec Vette have a working switch?


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My 2007 Euro (mainland) spec car, now owned by club member Carl, had a working switch/button. C7s also have them. The button will only work/open the trunk (like the doors) if the key fob has been detected by the car.
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Yes, 2006 C6 Z06, UK supplied car, has the button and it works, although not sure why the need, it's much easier via the remote, suppose if the keys are in your pocket / cabin of the car.?


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I knew about this button when we rented a Hertz Vette back in 2008. I actually found it very useful, given that the fob never left my inner pocket & I didn't need to faff around trying to find it and press a button on it. I had read a few reveiws that moaned about the keyless entry system before we had gone over there. But having spent a few minutes to set it up correctly I thought it was of the best systems on the car!