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Registartion Fee - V55


CCCUK Member
Hi All,

Im just filling in my V55/5 form now having received my dating letter from the club (many thanks again) but i am confused as if i need to pay the £55 registration fee or not?

I have no problem paying the fee, however i don't have a cheque book.

Can anyone advise please if i need to pay the fee - its a 78 c3 import.

Many thanks


CCCUK Member
Yes you have to pay the fee, I had the same problem in April but a phone call to my bank provided me with a new cheque book , they still have them. Cheque doesn’t have to be yours so ask a friend to write the cheque.


CCCUK Member
thanks, i managed to get someone else to do me a cheque and all the paper work was sent off yesterday. so fingers crossed all was correct and all goes well.
cant wait to get it on the road. its been over 2 years leading up to this.