Side marker lights

Ian at Forfar

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Hi , on the UK cars they seem to be reflectors but on the US cars light up Just wondering what’s involved in getting them the same as US specification as I think it looks better ( my Uk C5 ones worked ) is the bulbs just missing or will I need a harness .


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Just got a UK C7 , does anyone know whats involved in getting the side marker lights to work .
Ian, Three club members in Notts with UK spec/Ian Allan supplied C7s have done this. The existing (UK/Euro) markers are just reflectors, so they bought new side marker lights, Good news is the powered connectors are in the car, so just need connecting to the new marker lights.
One of them (white car) bought the GM/Original Equipment US spec (2 bulb) ones at circa £150-£200. The other two bought Chinese (circa £50) multi LED bulb ones that are smoke black when the lights are off (see video). These are much brighter when illuminated (blue car), but the lads are telling me they can/do give fault codes on the Body Control Module (BCM) including TPMS error codes. So maybe best avoided?


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Hi there I am one of the guys from Nottingham with the blue car am selling it as a new c8 is arriving so if you want the replicas ones will sell them personally I do prefer the smoked out look like mine they have never thrown up any fault codes on mine if you want them they’re £40 like new m8!!!If you know anyone looking for a nice c7 tell them my number please 07947393326 thanks