Video of 2021 CCCUK Nationals


Good afternoon
As we all sit looking out of our windows at the torrents of rain (1.5 inches in the last 24 hours here) I felt compelled to edit the video I shot at our sunny. warm, Nationals in July.
Unfortunately, my unattended camera ran out of battery during the presentations, so apologies to Tim, Ray, Greg, Mark, James, Shane, and Jeremy for missing yours.
Hopefully, Nigel Dobbie's excellent photos of the occasion, capture the moment for you.



............and we are going public. Thanks to Rob's efforts we have this footage, a similar account of the Lakes show, together with some older Nationals DVDs which we will be showing on 60" TVs at the NEC Classic Car Show.


CCCUK Member
Well done, Rob. Gives me a great view on what I've missed this year at the Nationals.

Let's hope the whole madness is done next year and that we can enjoy the trips again to the U.K.