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Weston Park Easter Motor Show - 12th and 13th April 2020 - SHOW NOW CANCELLED

Added to Calendar: 12-04-20, 13-04-20

curious bystander

CCCUK Member
Weston Park near Telford, a few miles west of Wolverhampton is the venue for one of the first classic car shows of 2020.
A group of members from the north west/central north/yorkshire regions have arranged a stand at this event on the MONDAY only (the 13th)
There are 8 'Vettes booked in so far but it would be good if other club members could join us so we can put on an even better show.
If anyone on here is interested please book a ticket and come and join us
When you book your ticket, it's important to mention that you are with the Corvette Club - so the organisers know how big to make our stand
It would also help to let me know you are going by dropping me an email at ws.moss@btinternet.com
With a bit of enthusiasm we can set the 2020 show season off with a bang

Daytona Vette

CCCUK regional rep
I shall be Booking on Monday when the Ticket Lines are open Telephone on 01484 667776 (The online Booking / Ticket Portal is not on a Ssecure Server)
Hoping to get a few Central South Vette Heads coming up in convoy.

It is my Wife's Birthday on the Sunday and she wanted to go away for the weekend - So that is the Monday sorted!
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curious bystander

CCCUK Member
Club tickets are available from the organisers until Friday 3rd April - but please remember
We only have a stand on the MONDAY
Make sure you mention that you are with the Corvette Club when you order those tickets

Daytona Vette

CCCUK regional rep
I am Booked for the Monday
£4.50 on line £5.00 over the Phone (I mentioned about the non secure online server and a phone payment in this instance should not cost more)
"yes we are looking into the non secure issue"
I asked if I made payment over the phone if my card details were input via a virtual terminal into the same website (ie; not secure)
" Payments go into a computer that is not connected to the internet" ????????????

Sorted sending a cheque for a Fiver - Ticket to come in the post - SECURE no worries

Looking forward to the DAY