Who Crashed Out Fassler at Le Mans


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Marcel Fassler said it was “difficult to take” his early end to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in what was a race to forget as a whole for Corvette Racing.

The Pratt & Miller-run squad, making its 20th Le Mans start, saw both of its Chevrolet Corvette C7.Rs face on-track incidents, most notably a violent accident by Fassler in Hour 6 that eliminated the No. 64 car from the race.

The Swiss driver was tagged by the No. 88 Dempsey Proton Racing Porsche 911 RSR of Satoshi Hoshino in the Porsche Curves, sending the GTE-Pro contender hard into the wall and bringing out the race’s second safety car period.

While Fassler climbed from the car under his own power, he was transported to a local hospital for a CT scan, which turned out negative.

“It was a tough weekend for us,” Fassler said. “It definitely was not what we were hoping for. It was an early end to our day.

“Unfortunately I got hit by a GTE Am driver that took me out and I hit the barrier quite hard.

“For us the race was over.
I’m happy Corvette is the safest GT car we have in the field. Every system worked well and I have no issues… feeling well even though the impact was hard.

“It is difficult to take.”

Fassler was deemed responsible for the incident by race officials, having received six FIA behavioral warning points and a €7,000 ($7,900) fine for “causing a collision.”

Hoshino, meanwhile, elected to stand down from driving after the Corvette clash, having been involved in another incident earlier in the race.

It’s unclear if Corvette Racing has appealed the decision, although team manager Ben Johnson said he felt Fassler became a casualty of a driver who wasn’t “completely aware” of his surroundings.

“We talked a lot about it and how [the ACO] came to that conclusion but you can’t see inside their minds and they have the best interest of the sport in mind, but you tend to disagree unless it’s pretty clearly your fault, right?”

Johnson stated.


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If you are going to repeatedly and continually cut/paste news and infomation from other websites, you should at the very least have the common decency to credit the source.

Never mind, I'll do it for you: “Difficult to Take” Early End in Race to Forget for Corvette – Sportscar365

Websites rely upon vists to support their sponsors and I'm fairly sure that they do not appreciate you stealing their work... You could have quote easily posted to say "Sportscar365.com have got an interesting article about...... link here"


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It's the "Facebook mentality unfortunately...:);)

It intersting that Sportscar 365, which generally knows what it's talking about, sees this crash and teh decision for what it is, unlike many other uniformed sites....