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Wow, how easy is this !!!


CCCUK Member
I’m in the USA this week and so was able to jump in here as soon as the mail came. I went out and posted a new thread with my car update and added pictures in the blink of an eye and all from my little iPhone.

Well done you guys! Beautiful new site.


CCCUK Member
Looking good Ben (& all others who got it up and running) very quick process to log in/register and all from my tablet - see a lot more compared to phone screen, an age thing!
But well done and many thanks


I agree. Absolutely superb. Well done to the Committee for giving it the green light and Ben for setting it up.

Daytona Vette

CCCUK regional rep
EASY PEASY for a non technical oldie

Thank you to Ben and the team for developing and thank you to Ross and the team for commissioning


CCCUK Chairman
Using Chrome on Android main page doesn't format at all well
If you are viewing on your Android phone simply change screen settings to automatically show portrait or landscape image - then hold/view phone in landscape mode and you should see full formatted screen.


Staff member
Thanks everybody. Fingers still crossed, but I'm glad you can see an improvement. Feedback and suggestions welcome. I see the same thing on my phone, craigyboy, and I'll see if I can fix it.