Wrecked C8 Visits NCM for Rotary Engine History


YouTuber Rob Dahm of Califonia made a cross-country trek to purchase a wrecked 2020 Corvette. The car had been hit by a drunk driver, but its story doesn’t stop there… Rob has big plans for it. After picking up the car in Florida, he traveled to Kentucky, visiting the Holley Performance Products headquarters in Bowling Green before taking a 2020 Corvette for a spin at the NCM Motorsports. Finally, Rob made a stop at the National Corvette Museum to learn the history of of the rotary powered Corvettes, checking out XP-987GT, a two-rotor Corvette owned by the Museum, and learning the history of the Aerovette, a four-rotor Corvette and the inspiration for Rob’s project. Here is the link to his video:
This is a really good video showing the museum and some of the new things that are happening and talking about the history of Corvette and the rotary engine. DON'T miss it!!
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It's funny seeing that rotary XP 987 - I've "known" it since I first visited Tom's to look at Corvettes before we even bought one. In those days it was just an odd prototype at the back of his showroom! I remember when we were at Monterey in 2002 for the Historic race weekend that honoured Corvette. GM had a huge display that included a few of the other (ghastly) mid-engine cars. We actually got to sit in one or two, but I think some of the people around didn't quite believe us when we were telling the GM guys that we were familiar with the XP987 - in those days it's existence wasn't exactly "common knowledge".

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I absolutely love a four rotor, they sound so amazing.. completely different to a V8 but theyre every bit as good as each other.
If youre not familiar with them check it out: