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The committee

Here are the contact details for the main CCCUK committee members. Please bear in mind that the CCCUK is run by volunteers, most of whom have day jobs too, so please be patient if you're hoping for an answer to a question.

  • Chairman

    Ross Thornhill - 07833 254475 / chairman@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for: leading the committee, ensuring the CCCUK is run efficiently.

  • Secretary

    Bill Moss - 01433 650801 / secretary@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for:

  • Treasurer

    Colin Morton - 07974 168120 / treasurer@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for: managing the CCCUK's finances, budgetting for expenses, reimbursing officers for expenses etc.

  • Membership

    Rich Rogers - 01202 434729 / membership@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for: managing the database of club members, processing membership renewals, promoting CCCUK membership.

  • Events co-ordinator

    Bill Moss - 01433 650801 / events@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for: coordinating with the organisers of national events with which the CCCUK is formally associated, except the CCCUK Nationals.

  • Public Relations

    (Position vacant! Volunteers welcome!) - pr@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for: liaising with media organisations and third parties to promote the CCCUK through editorial, advertising etc.

  • Club Merchandise

    Maureen Morton - 07974 168120 / merchandise@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for: sourcing CCCUK merchandise and making it available for purchase by members and the public.

  • Corvette Nationals

    Responsible for: organising the annual CCCUK national summer show.

  • Magazine Editor / Media Officer

    Rob Moore - 07908044788 / editor@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Responsible for: gathering and editing content for the bi-monthly CCCUK magazine.


As well as the committee there are a couple of other roles to take care of other things:

  • Magazine composition

    Jonny Bens - jonny.bens (at) skynet.be
    Responsible for: arranging the magazine content into a beautiful format every two months.

  • Webmaster

    Ben Harvey - 07813 798362 / clubweb@corvetteclub.org.uk
    Simon Stevens - 07507 935312 / si.stevens (at) icloud.com
    Responsible for: maintaining the behind-the-scenes stuff for the website and the club's email systems.

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    6 January 2019
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